Dogwoof, blinkx to create film channel on BBTV

Mumbai: The world’s most advanced video search engine blinkx and UK film distributor specializing in independent films and world cinema Dogwoof have joined forces to create a film channel on blinkx BBTV.
The film channel will be available on blinkx’s broadband television, blinkx BBTV, which is a small download (0.5 MB) available free of charge at and
"The film industry is screaming out for a multi-layered film channel, run by professional distributors that know how to promote a film, and look after everyone’s interests. This channel will be a filter for both the consumer and the rights holders, offering films from the best film producers worldwide," said Dogwoof founder and CEO Andy Whittaker.
"Ultimately it’s all about the customer experience, so joining forces with a leading technical partner as blinkx, is key to the success of this new film channel. We are lining up some outstanding films that will surprise and seduce our customers, and most importantly, keep them coming back," continues Whittaker.
The initiative is a significant advance in online video which leverages blinkx’s patented speech and visual recognition technology to simultaneously deliver top independent films over the Internet, and link them to the universe of information on the Web, adding dimension and context to the viewing experience.
"By fusing films brought by Dogwoof with the Web itself, blinkx BBTV enables users to instantly browse or interact with online sources related to the movies they are watching, whether it’s Google, Wikipedia, IMDB or other Web sites offering additional information," said blinkx founder and CEO Suranga Chandratillake.
blinkx’s patented video indexing automatically creates a speech track of the films, making it easy for viewers to navigate the content literally word-for-word, and jump to specific points in a movie, simply by searching for a specific spoken word or name.
While watching Dogwoof’s film channel on blinkx BBTV, viewers can instantly access other features, never possible before – including transcripts of the audio track and background information on everything from actors, to characters, to reviews and locations of the film. Alternatively, users can opt to sit back and watch the movie full-screen, on-demand and in TV quality.
With hybrid peer-to-peer streaming and a simple, point-and-click channel interface, the film channel on blinkx BBTV offers a new kind of online viewing experience for independent film fans: full-screen, TV-quality and truly immersed in the Internet.