Dreamer and L2Digital to bring BD-Live features to Blu-Ray discs


Mumbai: Dreamer and L2Digital have inked a partnership to utilize Dreamer’s BIDDLE broadband broadcast technology to bring interactive BD-Live features to Blu-ray Discs.

The collaboration allows Dreamer and L2Digital to become a single source for providing end-to-end solutions for video capture, post-production, interactive BD-Live feature development, disc authoring, and online hosting of BD-Live services.

Dreamer’s patented BIDDLE technology delivers digital content and interactive services directly to a consumer’s TV using any Internet connected Profile 2.0 (BD-Live) Blu-ray player, including the PlayStation 3. Blu-ray discs authored with BIDDLE technology allow consumers to access services such as video-on-demand, real-time audience interaction, secure commerce, social networking, and advertising. For content owners, Dreamer presents an easy to deploy solution, which allows them to continually update and add new content and services after the release of the disc.

BIDDLE technology is commercially deployed in South Korea and it provides HD interactive entertainment and commerce services to more than one million IPTV subscribers.

"It’s very important for our customers to have a commercially justifiable solution that provides compelling features to the consumer while retaining control over content distribution," said L2Digital president Luis Pelayo. "We looked closely at all of the BD-Live offerings on the market, and Dreamer’s technology offers a superior combination of consumer experience, compelling features, creative flexibility, and control over distribution."