DreamWorks Animation goes 3D

MUMBAI: Come 2009 and DreamWorks Animation SKG, Inc. will be producing all of its films in stereoscopic 3D technology. To best take advantage of the technology, the company will now be creating films utilizing stereoscopic 3D from the beginning of its creative process.

“I believe that this is the greatest opportunity for movies and for the theatrical exhibition business that has come along in 30 years. Advancements in sound have dramatically improved the auditory experience, but there hasn’t been a corresponding breakthrough in the way we see movies until now. Stereoscopic 3D technology gives us a real opportunity to significantly enhance the theater experience,” said DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg.

To date, most films shown in 3D have been created for traditional projection and then rendered into 3D in post-production. In order to take full advantage of the new technology, DreamWorks intends to make films with the stereoscopic 3D concept in mind from the beginning of the production process. The company believes that this approach will increase its storytelling opportunities and create a more immersive movie-viewing experience.

“Historically, 3D has been used primarily as an add-on or a bonus feature. And while audiences have enjoyed that, they haven’t really seen the true potential of this technology. We’re going to use the latest stereoscopic 3D technology to build our movies from the ground up. We believe that this will create more opportunities for our artists as well as more compelling experience for the audience,” Katzenberg added.

The growth in the number of theaters capable of projecting 3D films has dramatically risen in the past two years. It is expected by 2009 that there will be several thousand screens equipped for 3D. DreamWorks Animation believes that the rapid deployment of digital cinemas by exhibitors around the world and the latest technology developments will allow the company to take advantage of this new platform. The company has started production on its first film in this format, Monsters vs. Aliens (working title), intended for release in the summer of 2009.

DreamWorks is in the process of assembling a top-notch team to drive its stereoscopic 3D vision.

Jason Clark, who most recently was executive producer on Monster House 3D and Jim Mainard, who for many years was the head of DreamWorks Animation’s Research and Development, will both be leading the launch of DreamWorks Animation’s stereoscopic 3D efforts.

Phil McNally, stereographer on Chicken Little and stereographic supervisor on Meet the Robinsons, will be the stereographic supervisor on DreamWorks Animation’s first stereoscopic 3D movie, Monsters vs. Aliens.

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