Eurasia Cinemas B.V. enter 5-year deal with Xpand


Mumbai: 3D Digital experiences and technology platforms company Xpand has entered a five year exclusive deal with Eurasia Cinemas, 88 per cent shareholder of AFM Cinemas, Turkey’s only publicly held entertainment company and cinema mogul, owning and operating approximately 176 screens in ten cities.

The agreement, which calls for more than 15 screens initially, is in association with Eurasia Cinemas B.V., part of an alliance with A1 Group, one of Russia’s largest privately owned financial firms, which include all 13 Kronverk locations with 80 screens across the region.

"This is our most exciting new partnership and has validated our brand-worthy reputation with such an esteemed and cutting-edge circuit," says Xpand CEO Maria Costeira.  "It’s an extreme honour to be working with AFM, Eurasia, and Kronverk Cinemas and we look forward to our long-term relationship in the 3D global movement.  Our respective companies share the same philosophy as visionaries and accurately depict our common goals."

"Eurasia Cinemas will continue its cutting-edge presence with exclusive partners like IMAX and THX to deliver the best to our audiences, so we’re honoured to be associated with Xpand to develop our screens in digital 3D, which we’ve determined is the correct approach in providing high quality solutions," says Eurasia Cinemas COO Fatos Kiziltas.

"We want to reinforce our leadership position in the region from Turkey to Russia with our selected partners and we’re very pleased to start adding Xpand 3D auditoriums commencing with two of our cinemas in Moscow and St. Petersburg, believing this will drive incremental economic returns at these locations," he added.

Eurasia Cinemas B.V. and Xpand will present the most optimal 3D experience to their audiences, supported by a host of newly produced Hollywood and independent studios content, becoming the latest trend in 3D movie-going entertainment.