Eurocinema launches European films on Comcast On Demand


Mumbai: Eurocinema has launched Eurocinema On Demand, a video-on-demand destination that will bring international award-winning films to Comcast customers. Currently this offering is available to Comcast customers in Philadelphia and Washington, DC.

Eurocinema will offer up to 15 award-winning titles from Western and Eastern Europe with four to five new titles each month on Comcast On Demand and each feature film will be accompanied by a short film. The offering includes a combination of movies, with works by legendary directors and the best of world film titles — most never before seen in the U.S. and Canada. Eurocinema also brings viewers a carefully programmed selection of quality international theatrical films and award winning short films and titles including contemporary films and classics, award winners direct from the festival circuit and works of acclaimed directors and globally-recognized actors.

Beginning this month, viewers may experience the world of foreign film from the comfort of their homes by accessing Eurocinema on Comcast On Demand, under the Movies and Indies/Foreign categories.

Eurocinema On Demand will feature a selection of foreign film treasures from Italy, Spain and Russia. Offered on-demand on cable and IP TV, including distributors such as Time Warner, Charter, Cablevision, RCN, Verizon, DISH and DIRECTV, Eurocinema is now available in over 31 million homes across North America, with this launch.