Fandango launches mobile ticket program at movie theaters


MUMBAI: Fandango is unveiling a new convenience for film fans, where they can get movie tickets sent as barcodes to their mobile phones.

Fandango is rolling out its "Mobile Ticket" program in eight markets around the country, with more markets to come.

The benefit is that moviegoers can simply take their mobile phones straight to the theater ticket-taker, who scans the phones’ barcode, allowing customers to bypass the box office windows and kiosks.

Fandango’s Mobile Ticket works with most mobile carriers, and does not require a smart phone. The program is rolling out to more than 100 screens in the Reading Cinemas circuit in places like New York, New Jersey, Houston, Dallas/Plano, San Diego, Bakersfield, Sonoma County and Hawaii.

"We’ve already seen success in the mobile space with our variety of apps for the iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Palm and others. We know that Mobile Ticket will be one more Fandango convenience that moviegoers will enjoy. Our cell phones are with us all the time – so what better way to ensure you have your movie ticket?," says Fandango COO Rick Butler.

"Reading Cinemas is honored to work with an innovative company like Fandango. Fandango’s Mobile Ticket is extremely convenient and our customers really enjoy being on the cutting edge of this new technology," said Terri Moore, Vice President of Theater Operations for Reading Cinemas’ Western division.