Film industry honors Peruvian copyright chief for commitment to anti-piracy fight


Mumbai: The Motion Picture Association (MPA) will present its third-annual anti-Piracy Latin American Government Leadership Award at ShowEast – a convention and trade show for the cinema exhibition and distribution community – on 13 October.

This year, the MPA will honor Dr. Martín Moscoso, director of the Copyright Office of Peru’s INDECOPI (Institute for the Promotion of Competition and Protection of Intellectual Property) in recognition of his outstanding efforts against piracy and in the defense of the intellectual property of local and international rights holders. "Our member companies in Peru are unanimous in their support of Dr. Moscoso for this honor. His multifaceted approach to promoting intellectual property rights is remarkable. Dr. Moscoso moves easily and expertly among the courts, the schools, Congress, state and municipal governments and law enforcement agencies, working to raise awareness that copyright law matters and that everyone in society has a role to play in promoting the rights of creators," said MPAA senior vice president & director North American anti-piracy operations.
The MPA cooperates closely with INDEPCOPI, and is a member of that entity’s vanguard Crusade Against Piracy. The Crusade Against Piracy carries out training for law enforcement officials, judges, and customs inspectors, and also leads a dynamic public outreach campaign to enhance respect for the copyright industries and creators.

The worldwide motion picture industry loses $18 billion annually to piracy. Annual losses have exceeded $30 million in Peru and $1 billion in Latin America.