Filmmakers Offer $3,000,000 for Proof that Elvis is Alive

Memphis, TN: Is Elvis alive? According to many tabloids and conspiracy theorists, he is alive and living comfortably somewhere in Michigan. Now, for the first time, that secret might be in jeopardy. Filmmaker Adam Muskiewicz has three million reasons for you to tell him where he can find Elvis, and he’s not kidding.

In 2007, Muskiewicz plans to release his documentary film, The Truth About Elvis. In the film, he will reveal what he has learned in the two years since he began investigating the Elvis myth. He will also share the evidence that he is collecting through his new web site,

According to Muskiewicz, “This is the biggest myth
in the history of pop culture, and I hope to determine, once and for all, if Elvis is dead or alive.”

He has enlisted the help of Los Angeles producers Dan Bliss and Warren Zide, the producer of the American Pie and Final Destination franchises. Bliss said, "Adam is taking a very serious look at this myth, while still being respectful of the Presley legacy. I think Adam is a sincere fan, and he wants to know if the myth has any merit.”

Muskiewicz and a small crew have traveled across the country to interview conspiracy theorists, authors, experts and even Elvis Presley’s closest friends in his quest to find the truth. Muskiewicz says, “We’re talking to everyone, including people that think Elvis is dead. We have to be objective if we want to learn the truth.”

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