Fox Mobile Studios readies mobile & web comedy series for Altoids


MUMBAI: Fox Mobile Studios (FMS), a unit of Fox Mobile Group, has developed Brainstorm, an eight-episode scripted comedy series optimized for viewing on both mobile and online platforms that revolves around Altoids, The Curiously Strong Mints.

In creating Brainstorm, FMS set out to go beyond cursory brand integration and creatively embedded Altoids as an integral, organic plot element.

"This is Fox Mobile Studios’ first branded entertainment endeavor and we feel very fortunate to have partnered with Altoids, a brand that has an innovative history of challenging conventional thought and behavior, to achieve this milestone. In a world where consumers are accustomed to product placements and branded content we sought a new kind of integration that is mutually beneficial to marketers and media: it’s transparent, organic and most of all entertaining," said Fox Mobile Studios vice president and creative director Michael Wallen.

Fox Mobile Studios forged a unique relationship with Omelet, a hybrid creative and entertainment agency, to produce Brainstorm, which offers a hilarious look inside the fast-paced, controversial and sometimes ridiculous world of advertising. The series was created as a stand-alone concept that incorporates Altoids without being intrusive to viewers.

"Today’s consumers are inundated with choice when it comes to content and because they lead active lifestyles, we have to proactively offer them quality content rather than waiting for them to discover us. The Brainstorm series is an example of a well-known brand like Altoids finding the right creative partners, like Fox Mobile Studios, to bring consumers branded entertainment that they believe in and enjoy enough to pass-along and share with friends," said Wrigley U.S. Gum and Mints vice president and general manager Paul Chibe.

All eight original Brainstorm episodes will premiere in their entirety on 28 September.