GDC installs first ever digital cinema servers with series 2 DLP Cinema Projectors


MUMBAI: GDC Technology has introduced the new S2 Upgrade for all SA-2100 Digital Cinema Servers, the first digital cinema servers to be commercially deployed with the new generation of Series 2 DLP Cinema projector.

Pioneered on the highly successful SA-2100 series of digital cinema servers, the S2 Upgrade provided by GDC allows customers to seamlessly connect the acclaimed SA-2100 servers to the next generation Series 2 DLP Cinema projector similar to the legacy Series 1 DLP Cinema projector.

The S2 upgraded SA-2100 servers are designed to meet all Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) specifications and provide an upgrade path to 4K digital cinema with the lowest cost of ownership and practically no disruption to the existing digital cinema installations with both legacy and Series 2 DLP Cinema projectors.

GDC invented the first software-based digital cinema server in year 2000 and continues to provide upgrade paths to our customers throughout the decade. Today, GDC continues to lead the industry in innovation with its S2-projector-compatible digital cinema servers. The S2 upgraded digital cinema server provides integration with the new security features built inside the Series 2 projectors and supplies real-time subtitle rendering for the Series 2 projectors which currently rely on digital cinema server to provide subtitle images. The S2 upgraded SA-2100 server features options for Integrated Media Block with selected Series 2 DLP Cinema projectors or external Media Block that resides in the digital cinema server.

"Once again GDC is quick to respond to the technology shift in the evolving digital cinema industry and brings to its customers the best and latest in digital cinema technology. That GDC’s SA-2100 series of servers can be upgraded so swiftly to work with Series 2 projectors exemplifies not only our technology foresight, but also our belief in ensuring our customers’ technology investment is always future-proof. Exhibitors opting for GDC can now have a peace of mind and wait for the arrival of 4K upgrade option, while in the mean time giving their audiences the best from Series 2 projectors," said GDC Technology founder and CEO Dr. Man-Nang Chong.