GDC to deploy digital cinemas for UA Cinemas under VPF scheme


MUMBAI: GDC Technology has closed a deal with UA Cinemas to supply DCI-compliant digital cinema equipment under the VPF scheme.

GDC has VPF agreements with Hollywood Studios. Under these VPF agreements, the participating studios will make financial contributions for a limited time towards the hardware cost of DCI-compliant digital equipment deployed by GDC. Few companies can offer both VPF arrangement and one-stop digital cinema solution together; the unique strength of GDC in both has made it the preferred choice for Asian exhibitors who are thinking of converting to digital.

With 13 systems already installed at seven cinema sites, the new contract will see another 20 systems to be installed by GDC by the end of 2010.

“We are pleased to engage GDC again to outfit our new digital cinemas as we are thoroughly impressed by GDC’s quality products and excellent technical service. GDC’s VPF scheme is really the icing on the cake; it will go a long way in alleviating the capital outlay needed by the exhibitors when going digital,” said Lark Multimedia Ltd. director and general manager Bob Vallone.

“GDC strives to provide its customers a complete digital cinema solution, not just technically, but also commercially. GDC’s VPF scheme offers our customers a viable commercial model to finance their digital conversion and puts together a sustainable roll-out strategy. We are happy that UA Cinemas has recognized this and we expect more exhibitors to join in soon,” said GDC Technology founder and CEO Man-Nang Chong.