Gen2Media launches independent music content on Xbox Live


Mumbai: on Xbox Live features the best classic original programming from all music genres along with original content, behind-the-scenes footage, performance from independent and up coming artists and the most popular artists.

"As a company, we are passionate about creating the most engaging entertainment experiences for our customers in every venue," said Gen2 president Mary Spio. "Our team has produced and delivered cutting edge music and video content to millions of fans for over 15 years, and in so doing we have worked with some of the world’s biggest artists, so we know what the consumer wants to see, how they want to see it, and we deliver exactly what they want."

Gen2 CEO James Byrd added, "We have continually raised the bar on creating and delivering the very best content to our customers. Working with Microsoft is a major step toward achieving our goal of being the definitive provider of the most desirable online interactive content in the world today."

According to Xbox Live Video Programming and Original Content group product manager Scott Nocas, they are always looking to bring the best content to the members "When we looked at what Gen2Media could offer in terms of access to artists and events, both legendary and on the cutting edge, we knew that they could provide content our consumers will love. We are excited to offer this content to our 14-million active Xbox Live members."

In addition to music videos, will give consumers access to classic programming such as Scriblejam, America’s largest underground hip-hop event. Footage includes the infamous MC battle with a then relatively unknown Eminem as well as other MC battles with Brother Ali, Eyedea and Adeem. The footage also includes the Beatbox battles.