Global digital rights market to cross $2.4 billion by 2015


MUMBAI: Global Digital Rights Management market is projected to cross $2.4 billion by 2015. North America represents the largest Digital Rights Management (DRM) market as per the Digital Rights Management: A Global Strategic Business Report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc.

Despite controversies surrounding its applications, Digital Rights Management (DRM) continues to find favor among content developers as a potential tool to safeguard their valuable content against possible theft and unauthorized distribution. Hence, the demand for DRM solutions continues to grow, especially in the media and entertainment industry. The future for other DRM applications also hold good as there is an increased level of caution among content developers about the safety of their valuable content.

The North American DRM market is led by DRM solutions for the media and entertainment industry. Asia-Pacific (including Japan) represents the fastest growing DRM market over the period 2006-2015. Despite being a relatively smaller market in terms of revenue, Asia-Pacific promises excellent growth opportunities for DRM. The growth of payTV Services is high in countries such as China and India, which provide excellent opportunities for adoption of DRM systems.

Media & Entertainment DRM market represents the largest product segment. The media & entertainment DRM segment is set to thrive on the industry’s inclination towards digital environment, featuring digitally formatted content files. Asia-Pacific is the fastest growing market in media & entertainment DRM.

Adoption of Enterprise DRM is on the rise as corporate and enterprises across the world continue to witness cases of theft or loss of sensitive data including financial, customer and market information through e-mail or any other form of data transfer. Rampant increase in the volume of digitized content in an enterprise set up, and growing awareness on the importance of information security and available DRM systems are driving the growth of enterprise DRM market.