Glu to bring Superman/Batman game to mobiles worldwide, this winter


Mumbai: At the 2008 Comic-Con International, Glu Mobile unveiled Superman/Batman, a new game coming to mobile phones around the world this winter. Superman/Batman, developed and published by Glu through its licensing agreement with Warner Bros. Digital Distribution, is based on the Batman and Superman mythologies and is about the joining of the super heroes on a quest to fight evil. Glu’s launch will mark the first mobile game to feature the world’s two most beloved super heroes.

"Superman/Batman features key elements that make a great game — superhuman powers, adventure, and exciting characters taken right from DC Comics’ mythology," said Glu global publishing senior vice president Jill Braff. "This new title brings, two of the world’s most recognized and beloved super heroes together for the first time on mobile, and we’re excited to offer this title to fans around the world."

In addition to the mobile game, Glu will publish additional mobile content including wallpapers, ringtones, animated screensavers, voice tones and ringbacks.

"Together with Glu, we look forward to giving gamers the opportunity to experience action as Superman and Batman by making the game available to a broad audience of mobile consumers around the world," said Warner Bros. Digital Distribution business development vice president Maria Seidman.

The Superman/Batman mobile game will be released in December and will be available worldwide through Glu’s global network of wireless carriers and distributors.