The Dark Knights’ success drives sales, rentals of Batman Begins DVDs


Mumbai: The DVD sales and rentals of Batman Begins was boosted by The Dark Knight’s unprecedented non-holiday weekend box office take of $158.4M, as reported by Rentrak’s Box Office Essentials.

According to Rentrak’s Retail Essentials, sales of the first instalment of the Christopher Nolan-directed Batman franchise, Batman Begins experienced a 345 percent increase in estimated DVD units sold from the prior week, due in part to the limited edition DVD gift set released 8 July to coincide with the18 July theatrical release of The Dark Knight.

Additionally, DVD rentals of Batman Begins increased 76 percent from week-ended 13 July to week-ended July 20, 2008, according to Rentrak’s Home Video Essentials.

Batman Begins was originally released on DVD October 18, 2005.