Goozex extends trading service into movies


MUMBAI: Goozex, Inc., the online video game trading community, launched its movie trading service extension. The site now allows users to trade their Blu-Ray, DVD, HD-DVD and UMD films with other members, and receive other products for only $1. Trading movies on the hassle-free automatic Goozex trading system lets movie lovers get the most value for their collections and see many more films at little cost.

With over 130,000 movie titles supported in the different Blu-Ray, DVD, HD-DVD and UMD formats, movie trading will keep users’ home libraries constantly filled with fresh and exciting films. In a Company estimate, members have already saved more than $4.8 million by using the Goozex online service compared to retail alternatives. By providing a similar service to users, trading movies on Goozex is expected to translate into even more significant savings.

Goozex CEO Valerio Zanini sees the expansion into movie trading as meeting the demands of the company’s members. "We’re excited about launching such an important expansion to our trading system that really comes from what our users have been asking for since we launched the site in 2006. There is a strong correlation between video gamers and movie goers, and we expect the new movie trading service to quickly gain steam within our existing community. Goozex is recognized as the best in video game trading and our goal is to be number one for movies as well."

Goozex holds no inventory of movies or games, and instead matches members who use their own home libraries across the U.S. and Canada to trade between themselves. Goozex charges customers only $1.00 for managing the transaction. The points pricing for the movies is similar to that of video games on the site, and is set by the company’s proprietary algorithm. Points on the Goozex system will be universal and can be used for trading either video games or movies.

Goozex movie trading is currently in beta release.