Hollywood Theaters to install Sony 4K digital cinema projectors

MUMBAI: Hollywood Theaters is installing Sony Electronics’ 4K digital cinema technology across its circuit. The Portland, Ore.-based exhibitor will begin its digital conversion by equipping 13 of its U.S. locations (167 screens) with Sony projectors over the next few months.
The 4K roll-out will also include 53 screens outfitted for 3D digital projection, combining Sony’s single-projector 3D lens system with RealDÆ 3D technology, enabling the exhibitor to deliver the highest-quality 2D and 3D digital projection.
Sony’s Digital Cinema Solutions and Services group will work with Hollywood Theaters on the integration, installation, maintenance and service support for its 4K conversion, providing the exhibitor with a complete turn-key solution for converting to digital technology.
"Sony’s 4K technology gives our patrons the opportunity to view motion pictures as never before, combining the highest levels of resolution, contrast and image quality to produce precise, life-like images in vibrant colors," said Hollywood Theaters chief operating officer Clyde Cornell.
"We are also excited to be a part of Sony’s DCSS alternative content program and plan to fully exploit their broad range of media and entertainment divisions such as sports, music, and gaming to bring fresh, innovative entertainment options to the big screen and create new streams of ancillary revenues for Hollywood Theaters."
Sony 4K projectors offer the highest image resolution of all commercial projection technologies, producing 8.8 million pixels. 4K technology provides image resolution four times greater than 2K projection systems and slightly more than four times greater than consumer high-definition televisions.
"Our 4K technology gives Hollywood Theaters the most reliable and flexible foundation for ultimately converting its entire operations to digital projection technology," said Sony Electronics’ Digital Cinema Solutions and Services group senior vice president Mike Fidler. "It elevates the cinematic experience for their consumers, offering movie-goers a much more dynamic, engaging and immersive entertainment experience. The opportunity for alternative content not only presents potential new business; it also allows them to provide exciting additional programming that perfectly complements their current offerings."