Hong Kong filmmaker awarded for promoting copyright protection


MUMBAI: Hong Kong actor, screenwriter, producer and filmmaker Raymond Wong received the fourth Asia-Pacific Copyright Educator (A.C.E.) Award in recognition of his contribution to the protection of intellectual property rights within the Asia-Pacific region.

The Award was presented to Raymond by the Motion Picture Association (MPA) at the annual CineAsia movie industry convention and trade show, being held in Hong Kong from 8 – 10 December, 2009.

Presenting Raymond with the award,  MPA president & managing director Asia-Pacific Mike Ellis said, "Despite the difficult challenges faced, Raymond has worked vigorously with the MPA on several educational fronts and has always been a major contributor to the growth of the Hong Kong film industry. Raymond has also led the local industry to support content protection efforts, performing a voice over for an MPA’s public educational trailer inviting consumers to think about What Are You Really Burning when downloading and burning copies of pirated movies. We look forward to working with Raymond as we seek an effective graduated response solution to online infringement in Hong Kong."

"Raymond’s tremendous leadership, generosity and enthusiasm set a good example for many of us in the industry. We wish the industry had a partner like him in every market in the Asia-Pacific region."

Wong said, "I feel very honored to receive this award. I would like to thank the MPA for their past support to the Chinese film industry and their proactive efforts to protect the rights of those who create the content we love in the digital age when our industry strives for the introduction of an effective graduated response mechanism to prevent online infringement."