Imperia screens ‘Say it in Russian’ at Cannes


MUMBAI: Imperia Entertainment’s new feature film, Say it in Russian, was screened on 20 May 2007 at the Cannes film festival, to a group of interested distributors and buyers from Germany, the UK, Denmark and Slovenia.

A reprise screening will be held at the Palais du Festival on 25 May 2007 to give more distributors a chance to attend, according to the film’s makers.

“We have already had interest from Slovenian and German buyers, but our strategy at this time is not to sell to individual territories, but to obtain a solid distributor,” says the producer’s representative Patrick de Bokay. “We don’t want just any distributor. It should be one with a passion for the film,” says director Jeff Celentano. “We will be taking this film on a small festival circuit in order to create more of a buzz and attract just the right one, but that doesn’t rule out the fact that we could find one here at Cannes, even at this short notice,” he adds.

Say it in Russian, starring Faye Dunaway, Rade Sherbedgia (Snatch), Steven Brand (The Scorpion King), Agata Gotova, and Steven Berkoff (Beverly Hills Cop), is directed by Jeff Celentano and edited by William Anderson. The film follows the story of an American man who falls in love with a young Russian girl and follows her to Russia, where he gets involved in a hurricane of events surrounding her father, a rich Russian oligarch.