Indie filmmakers can market films on IPEX

Mumbai: IPEX VIEW is inviting independent filmmakers to put their films on the market through the IPEX VIEW online film and video content tradeshow. According to IPEX VIEW COO Daniel Lafleche, IPEX VIEW offers independent filmmakers unprecedented access to a professional community, high quality streaming video, and, perhaps most importantly of all, unrivalled e-mail marketing tools customized for the industry. On IPEX VIEW, indies join a community of established film distributors and film buyers already using the system.
"Finding distribution can be very intimidating, and it is hard to know where to begin," explains Lafleche. The IPEX system offers a complete package of tools to help take the guesswork out of film and video marketing. The IPEX system can be used to easily generate e-mails that will be attractive to buyers, blast them to an extensive contact list, and make it easy for buyers to see all-important video trailers without the unprofessional distractions of YouTube or similar video sharing sites.
As Lafleche puts it, "IPEX answers the questions of what to send, how to send, and who to send it to. The goal is to make it clear to buyers that your independent production company is a professional member of this industry."
Independent filmmakers can use the IPEX service to promote up to three titles at no charge.