Queen Of Media prepare for a smackdown

MUMBAI: It’s show-down time! Memphis, Shreveport, Jacksonville, Columbia, Charlotte, Washington, DC and Philadelphia, Hartford and New York City have been hit with the world wind of the Queen of Media Casting Tour.

Hundreds came out and auditioned for the Wendy Williams and Furqaan Films Queen Of Media Film. Over 60 finalists have been selected and will be offered roles, so now it’s down to the nitty-gritty…who will play Wendy?

The competition has been narrowed down to only two beautiful ladies to play the leading role of Wendy Williams in this spectacular screenplay. Only one can be selected and the other lady will have to pack up her bags and settle for a consolation prize of being an extra in the film. While some finalist said they were willing to reenact the Angie Martinez/ Wendy Williams scuffle, which will be a scene in the movie (but Angie will be passionately portrayed by the lovely Erika Ringor from Love & Basketball), in order to get a good role in the film of one of their idols, other finalist were just happy and content with being chosen.

While no official offer letters will begin to be presented until Monday for the actors who participated in the casting call tour, many of them have already packed their bags and are making their way to the gym to get those final touches on their physiques for their big screen debut.

Two cities will have competing ladies fighting for that leading role to play Wendy Williams. These two ladies are Alena Neves from Washington, DC and Nicole Tucker from Philadelphia, PA. Both ladies are very excited and ready for the role.

“I’m delighted I made it this far, and I will try to bring Wendy’s passion to the film…she is a dynamic personality t play,” said Alena of Washington, DC.

Nicole of Philadelphia, PA said, “I think it is important for a film like this to be made. In her book you see the real life struggles of what it takes to get succeed, and it takes more than a cutie pie pass to get to the top. It takes hard work…Wendy is a media icon, and if chosen I know that I would bring it — alright!”

Nicole met Wendy at her book signing and had Wendy herself mention how much they look alike. When Alena walked into the casting doors everyone was also taken back by how much she also resembles Wendy.

Both beautiful ladies have a great look, both are well endowed with the proper bra size, but to snag the leading role of a one-of-a-kind “media queen” they will have to have an amazing skill level in the drama department.

The casting panel feels both ladies have an equal chance of landing the most sought after leading female role in an independent film right now. However, it all comes down to the acting. In addition to an in-person audition this Sunday privately at the 40/40 Club, Wendy may entertain the idea to involve her listeners one final time by having the girls come onto her radio show “The Wendy Williams Experience,” have their performances recorded and placed on her website for all of the world to have their input.

While the final decision is up to the professional casting staff, Wendy and the casting team will not take lightly the opinions of her supporters who will be the ones spending their money to see the film.

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