‘Shrek the Third’ targets school holiday season

MUMBAI: The next in the Shrek series, ‘Shrek the third’  will open on 18 May 2007 in  the US  and a few other Southeast Asian markets.

The film’s release is being timed to coincide with school holidays in the hope of targetting kids and their families, steps similar to those taken prior to the release of a few other computer generated flicks.

The film, while releasing in the latter half of May in Singapore and Malaysia, will see a delayed release ( August 2007) in countries like Italy, Denmark  and Finland. In France, Australia, Brazil and Mexico, the film will release only in mid-June 2007.

Shrek the Third will also star Justin Timberlake as the voice of Artie, a rebellious young guy on his way to become king. Like Shrek 2, it’s a matter of ‘wait and watch’ to see how the film goes down with the Indian audiences.

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