Italian music pirate fined 363,000 Euros

MUMBAI: An Italian citizen has been fined 363,000 euros after the Desenzano Fiscal Police (GdF) recovered several pirated CDs and DVDs from his home.

The Fiscal Police, who were assisted by specialist music, video and software anti-piracy units, seized three hard disks – each with more than 120 gigabytes of copyright protected works, say reports. In addition, 427 burned CDs and DVDs ready for shipment were also confiscated from the man’s home.

Reorts reveal that most of the discs’ content had been originally downloaded from peer-to-peer (P2P) networks. The suspect now faces a criminal sentence of up to four years’ in prison. In the interim, the Fiscal Police have issued him with an administrative fine of 363,000 euros.

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