Jackie Chan launches new talent show

MUMBAI: Fifty three old year martial arts superstar Jackie Chan is looking for a film successor, through a television reality show he will launch soon.

According to www.Hollywood.tv founder Sheeraz Hasan, the show will be titled The Disciple, and has already lured over 100,000 hopefuls to the auditions. The show will air from March to October in 2008. The 10 winners will be given roles in a new movie that Chan plans to produce.

“A lot of actors are good at fighting but they’re not beautiful to watch,” Chan was reported as saying, when introducing the new show last Saturday. “If you can incorporate dance with an ability to perform kung fu, that would be better.”

Chan is currently filming Rush Hour 3 in Los Angeles with Chris Tucker; the third instalment of the series that will hit the US theatres in August 2007.

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