Kate Hudson and A-Rod get cosy


MUMBAI: Rumors of a romance between Kate Hudson and Alex Rodriguez have been further fuelled, with a source claiming that they are certainly dating. The couple were spotted late last month getting cosy at a restaurant in New York City.

"It’s somewhat serious. He introduced her to a bunch of his friends," People magazine quoted the source as saying.

The Bride Wars actress followed Rodriguez on the road last month to Dallas, when the Yankees played the Texas Rangers in a three-game series. Kate and son Ryder, 5, stayed at the same hotel as Rodriguez, while an eyewitness revealed that the couple "worked out together in the fitness centre."

The eyewitness added that Kate sent Ryder and his nanny to the ballpark for one of the games, while she "stayed behind and watched the game from the hotel," adds the eyewitness. "She remarked several times about what a big baseball fan she is!" said the source. While many people have been speculating about the future of their relationship, another source said: "You never know with Kate