Kinoton installs XL digital 3D cinema systems


MUMBAI: The Cineplex Marburg and the Cinedom Koeln multiplexes are the first German cinemas that offer their audience large scale digital 3D Cinema. In the run-up for the theatrical release of Avatar, both cinemas have been equipped with Kinoton 3D2P systems, each operating with two DCP Digital Cinema Projectors that bring brilliant 3D pictures even to large screens. 


The first Dual 3D installation had taken place in the Cineplex theatre, a modern seven- screen multiplex in the city of Marburg. The Kinoton 3D2P system features two coupled DCP 30 L D-Cinema projectors with 6500 Watt Xenon bulbs and integrated Dolby 3D color filter wheels provide stereoscopic cinema with an image size of impressive 17 x 7 meters (51 x 21ft.). A Dolby 3D server provides the projectors with content.


Cineplex CEO Gerhard Closmann had already made a positive experience when he had the first Kinoton / Dolby 3D cinema system installed in another auditorium four months ago, in the forefront of the Ice Age 3 release. He complements Kinoton on the fine picture quality and is very happy about the enthusiasm shown by the audience. He decided in favor of the Dolby 3D system, he said, "Because for me a silver screen was completely out of question, especially with so large a screen. After all, we’ll keep on exhibiting 2D movies as well, both in digital and 35mm, and I set a high value on uniform image illumination."


The Dolby 3D system works well with normal cinema screens, and the dual version with two extra-bright D-Cinema projectors guarantees brilliant high-contrast 3D pictures even in an XL format.   


A second Dual 3D installation featuring the same equipment offers a great three-dimensional cinema experience at the largest auditorium of the Cinedom Koeln, a renowned 14-screen multiplex in Cologne. Here the dimension of the screen is imposing 22 x 10 meters (66 x 30 ft.) – that’s more than 4 times the screen size of the other 3D auditorium at the Cinedom, the BlackBox, which Kinoton had equipped with an XPanD 3D system featuring shutter glasses in 2007. The audience was very enthusiastic on the image quality and 3D effect at the large screen and spontaneously broke into applause when the first pictures of Avatar were shown.