Lebanese films to showcase at Cannes


MUMBAI: The Lebanese motion-picture industry takes centerstage on the All the Cinemas of the World program, an effort to show a broad range of films being produced in the world with a country-by-country presentation at Cannes today (21 May).

Audiences will be able to observe that film production is thriving in Lebanon, the second country to be featured in the program.

“Whereas films from the 1990s centered on the war as an experience, since 2000, they have become more urban in their identity, focusing chiefly on Beirut,” notes Liban Cinéma foundation chairman Aimée Boulos.

The program will include Lamma Hikyit Maryam (When Maryam Spoke Out) by Assad Fouladkar, Le Dernier Homme (The Last Man) by Ghassan Salhab, Yawmon Akhar (Tomorrow Will Be Another Day) by Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige, and Falafel by Michel Kammoun.

Lebanese filmmakers are being increasingly inspired by the new sociological, psychological, political, and existential dilemmas engendered by the unending strife.