Malaysian movie pirate bites the dust


MUMBAI: The Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (MDTCA) announced that it raided an unlicensed DVD factory located in Sepang. One DVD replicating machine worth 4 441,000 (RM 1.5 million) with a projected production capacity of 3.5 million DVDs a year was seized.


Among the almost 7,000 pirated DVDs uncovered were the Motion Picture Association (MPA) member company titles’ Transformers, Ratatouille, 1408, and Black Sheep and games titles Transformers: The Game, Another’s Century’s Episode 3: The Final and Winning Eleven. No one was in the premises at the time of the raid.


The Malaysian Government’s iron hand in dealing with pirates this year has led to 841 arrests and seizures totaling an estimated figure in excess of $ 12 million. Included in this value are eight VCD and five DVD replicating machines, 371 burners, 36 vehicles, 36 computers and close to three million pirated DVDs.


“Today’s successful raid is a warning call from the Malaysian Government to the pirates syndicates operating in the country. Coming close on the heels of Lucky & Flo’s departure, it points to the fact that enforcement efforts in Malaysia have not relaxed one bit. We applaud their diligence and if anything, are even more committed to helping the MDTCA in going after these flagrant criminals and stamping out the menace that is piracy,” said MPA senior vice president and regional director, Asia-Pacific Mike Ellis.