Dolby adds Philips watermarking technology


MUMBAI: Philips announced that Dolby Laboratories will offer its customers the option of Philips CineFence advanced anti-piracy technology to protect its digital content. Dolby Laboratories has incorporated Philips CineFence in its digital system for storing, managing and playback of digital movies. New cinema releases shown via Dolby’s digital cinema solution can be embedded with Philips CineFence forensic watermark, thus allowing the content to be traced and protected.


The movie industry faces an increasing problem of video piracy. Illegal camcorder copying has been identified as one of the major and most difficult to track forms of digital content piracy. With Philips CineFence, the watermark pinpoints the specific location, time and date the illegal camcorder recording took place. Thus the implementation of Philips CineFence not only allows for the tracking of pirated digital content, it also acts as a severe disincentive to those engaged in this illegal activity.


“Dolby is committed to providing the market with the most reliable and secure digital cinema systems. We are pleased to offer the Philips solution to help deter piracy,” said Dolby Laboratories vice president, cinema, John Iles.


The CineFence watermarks are imperceptible to cinema audiences, but maintain their integrity in the copied material, even after severe quality degradation such as cropping, compression and scaling. Furthermore, Philips watermarks remain detectable after camcorder recordings are compressed into formats such as VCD, DivX, and MPEG4, thus closing a loophole frequently used by content pirates. Philips CineFence is fully compliant with DCI specifications and is implemented by thousands of digital cinemas.


“Philips CineFence technology is proving to be the most favored forensic watermarking technology for digital cinema. To date, Philips CineFence has been deployed at thousands of screens, an amount not far off to the total number of digital cinema screens in the US. We feel proud to welcome a true cinema solutions leader as Dolby to our growing list of CineFence licensees,” said Philips Content Identification CEO Alex Terpstra.


Philips watermarking and fingerprinting technology is part of the broad Philips Content Identification product portfolio, which is made up of state-of-the-art solutions and services to optimally sell, share and distribute audio and video content with respect to copy rights. Philips Content Identification products are used for content monitoring, forensic tracking, rights clearing and interactive applications. Philips technology is currently being used by major Hollywood studios and Music labels for protecting their content assets and offers the only widely deployed Digital Cinema forensic watermarking product.