Mantello Brothers’ Oceans 3D enters digital post-production


Mumbai: Filmmakers Jean-Jacques and Francois Mantello (the Mantello Brothers) have announced their first feature-length film, Oceans 3D: Voyage of a Turtle (working title). The film entered the digital 3D post-production phase last week. The 85-minute long feature is expected to be completed this September for an anticipated domestic release during the first half of 2009.

Oceans 3D: Voyage of a Turtle tells the story of Aris, the sea turtle who embarks on a journey across the oceans in search of the origin of mysterious, far away calls. As moviegoers experience the beauty and diversity of the oceans in stunning 3D, Aris encounters both her friends and her predators. What she finally discovers is that the greatest threat to the fate of ocean life doesn’t lie beneath the waves, but in the hands of the people from above.

Oceans 3D: Voyage of a Turtle is produced by 3D Entertainment and McKinney Underwater Productions, and is supported by the United Nations Environment Program. The film is directed by Jean-Jacques Mantello and produced by Francois Mantello with underwater cinematography by Gavin McKinney. The film is based on an original script developed by Jacques Attali and written by Pierre Alain de Garrigues and Dr. Elisabeth Mantello. It will feature an original score by Christophe Jacquelin.

"After six years of production and 25 expeditions at some of the most remote locations on earth, we are more than thrilled to see our multi-million dollar film moving in the right direction," said 3D Entertainment chairman Francois Mantello. "Discussions are already underway with numerous US studios and we hope to announce a distribution agreement for the US theatrical market in the coming weeks. Oceans 3D is set to become the first feature-length documentary ever to be both filmed and released in Digital 3D."

"Audiences will feel like divers, completely immersed in this magnificent marine world with giant manta rays, hammerhead sharks, humpback whales, orcas, scorpion fish, Spanish dancers and seahorses, to name a few, revealed for the very first time in Digital 3D," said Jean-Jacques Mantello.

Director of photography Gavin McKinney added, "We spent over 1200 hours in the water to capture 200 hours of what we believe is exceptional footage. The task of framing the image in 3D with animals in the wild is particularly challenging but the experience we have acquired over nearly 10 years shooting underwater films in stereoscopy allowed us to achieve our goal."