Myspace website continues redesign initiative


Mumbai: MySpace has launched a series of user interface changes that include the site’s home page, navigation, profile editing, search, and MySpaceTV player. The changes will help the site’s global community to easily navigate throughout the site and better communicate with their family and friends around the world.

"These changes lay the groundwork for what is to come-by the early fall we expect to reveal an entirely new and remixed MySpace that deepens the engagement of current users and attracts new ones," said MySpace president and co-founder Tom Anderson.

The features changes are based on results from multiple in-home usability studies, online surveys, impromptu testing, focus groups, and user’s messages and comments sent to Tom’s profile. MySpace is working with Adaptive Path, a best-of-breed experience strategy and design firm based in San Francisco, to usher in some of the user interface changes.

Splash Page Re-launch: On 19 June users saw the entire new look and feel, which features a more intuitive and simplified login. The new splash page features a larger creative palette for advertisers, allowing a flexible platform to put a large percentage of the page into a brand.

New Navigation: On 18 June, MySpace unrolled new site navigation for easier access to key communication tools on the site such as mail and core viral community features such as music and MySpaceTV. The contains a drop-down menu housing additional functionality including Karaoke, Games, and Celebrity.

Profile Editor: The new profile editor will make it easy for to customize profiles through a selection of styles and a theme library offering colour, borders, and images to choose from.

New Search: On 16 June, MySpace rolled out new searching capabilities with a consistent, clean user interface. MySpace is working with Lucene Open-Source engine and community to enhance search capabilities. Search results will be tabbed, with five tabs based on the top five search categories; People, MySpace site searches, Web searches, Music and MySpaceTV.

MySpaceTV Player: Built internally, the MySpaceTV player has been redesigned and includes scrubber, time-stamps, volume memory, and new menu systems. The player fully utilizes Flash 9, with a true full-screen mode, and it supports HD.