Maria Full of Grace story originator readies next film


MUMBAI: Dona Blanca, LLC, announced the production of the film Dona Blanca, which is a real-life story co-written by Orlando Tobon, the philanthropic and social icon best known as The Mayor of Little Colombia.

Tobon’s reputation as a viable entertainment personality was solidified in 2004 as the chief storyteller for the film Maria Full of Grace, which subsequently won the Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival. Tobon played himself in the film and also served as associate producer. He is also the author of Simon & Schuster’s Jackson Heights Chronicles, which has been translated into several languages.

Dona Blanca is a powerful, captivating family tale about a mother and a daughter who struggle with the difficult choice between accepting the real value of family and love and the hollow search for status and material possessions. The film’s storyline follows the highs and lows of their journey from Colombia to the US, where in the end, as all seems lost, the human spirit triumphs.

The director of the film, Carlos Bolado, is one of the fast rising directors of the New Mexican Film Wave. His 2002 documentary, Promises, was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Feature Documentary. Dona Blanca will be shot on location using the new high-definition (HD) RED camera in Colombia, South America; New York City and Queens, New York.