Mark Burnett & VIMBY partner to offer brands digital content solutions


MUMBAI: Emmy Award-winning producer Mark Burnett and VIMBY (Video In My Backyard) have inked a new partnership, to offer brands complete digital content solutions for reaching an increasingly in-demand local customer base using VIMBY’s nationwide network of high-definition filmmakers.

The new co-venture will work with media companies and advertisers to implement cost effective branded solutions across a wide portion of the market landscape. Content will be geared specifically toward targeted key demographic groups such as mothers, millennials, the green conscious, health/wellness aficionados and the technologically savvy.

VIMBY, founded by Dean Waters, will exist as a brand label under this yet to be named new partnership. VIMBY will continue to seek out and produce locally authentic content on the cutting edge of trends including music, technology, fashion, pop culture and the arts. VIMBY will be a solution for brands wanting street-level access to local stories, new talent and emerging cultural trends.

"I am incredibly excited about Dean’s vision for the future of branded digital content. With VIMBY, he’s created an unmatched production infrastructure that we will use to deliver local and national content tailored to specific demographic verticals," Burnett said.

"We are thrilled to partner with Mark Burnett on this new co-venture. We have invested heavily in a network of highly skilled filmmakers and every day are capturing local content and telling stories that are at the forefront of national trends and ideas. National brands get access to our local infrastructure to carry their message across the nation and, now, by aligning with Mark Burnett, the entire universe of blue-chip brands will take note of our unique content, scale and ability to go local with national messaging," said VIMBY CEO Dean Waters.

The new partnership’s melding of artistry, experience and strategic targeting puts it in a strong position to take advantage of the shift away from broad-spectrum content and toward individualized entertainment experiences that reach audiences in a personally meaningful way.

"It’s a brave new media world and brands continue to need solutions for reaching consumers, especially the millennial generation. With our authentic content and national production structure we will enable brands to effectively reach new generations of consumers no matter how, when, or where they are watching content," said VIMBY chief creative officer David Goffin, who will manage all of the co-venture’s productions.

"This is an important partnership for the branded content industry. Local content with national relevance has never been produced before at this level. Dean and the entire VIMBY team have created something unique and fresh. Our longtime sponsors have been asking me about the future of branded entertainment. Well, here it is. Our collaboration with VIMBY is going to be a big focus for me in the future," said Burnett.