RightsLine launches MGM’s licensing site to monetize film clips & images


MUMBAI: RightsLine has launched MGM’s licensing site to monetize film clips & images.

The site, www.mgmmedialicensing.com, will allow registered users to browse titles, preview clips and images, and submit requests to MGM’s Media (clip+still) Licensing department.

Through the site, the Media Licensing Dept can approve requests, generate agreements and make content available for download. This new site, implemented by The Revere Group, adds to the existing RightsLine customer base that includes other industry heavyweights such as Universal Pictures, ICM Talent, and Dick Clark Productions.

The RightsLine solution differentiates itself by allowing owners of large content libraries to control how their content is used. A robust Rights Management system powers the licensing solution ensuring that content owners resolve any potential conflicts prior to approval. In addition, RightsLine has a large database of buyers that can use their RightsLine account at any of the partner sites.

“We bring over 15,000 qualified licensors to the table and a turnkey platform for content owners who want to control the distribution. We’re not an aggregator, we’re an enabler,” said RightsLine COO Mike Devereaux.

“We set out to expand our online catalogue as well as streamline and improve the customer experience. We accomplished this via RightsLine,” added MGM’s Barry Dagestino.