Michael Eisner launches new media studio

MUMBAI: Ex-Disney CEO Michael Eisner has formed Vuguru (www.vuguru.com), an independent studio that will produce and distribute original content for the Internet and emerging digital platforms.

Vuguru’s goal is to be the leader in producing high-quality, story-driven content for the Internet that up until now could only be found in movie theaters or on television.

“In the past few years, the development of exciting and innovative digital media platforms and technologies has outpaced the creation of truly great content,” said Eisner. “Vuguru will produce and showcase original and third party content in all genres and formats to meet the new demands of the evolving media landscape.”

Vuguru’s first production, Prom Queen, is a scripted, serialized mystery told over 80 episodes – each running 90 seconds long. Set against the final two months of the school year, Prom Queen has a blend of love, gossip, and betrayal – all of the twists and turns of high school leading up to the biggest night of any senior’s life: prom night.

Prom Queen’s short-form episodes are designed to be easily viewed on multiple platforms and are aimed at young, early adopters of new media content and technology. The production offers unique and clear opportunities for advertisers to reach this coveted demo.

PromQueen.tv will serve as the central hub for all things related to the show. From accessing past episodes to exploring information about characters and storyline, viewers will find PromQueen.tv a forum to interact with both the show and other viewers. Videos on PromQueen.tv will be hosted by Veoh.

Additionally, viewers can access Prom Queen online on Veoh.com, YouTube.com, ELLEgirl.com, and other sites. Prom Queen will also be distributed on handheld devices and to the living room.

Eisner’s company Tornante is producing the Prom Queen series with the independent production team of Big Fantastic.

“From the first frame of the first episode of Sam Has 7 Friends, it was clear that these talented individuals were operating on a different level,” said Eisner. “They have an ability to create a hands-on style of filmmaking that generates network-caliber content but with the kind of intimacy and interactivity web audiences crave.”

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