MPAA’s Glickman urges China to be pro movie business


MUMBAI: Addressing audiences at the Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF) and Fudan University, Motion Picture Association of America chairman and CEO Dan Glickman called for an open market for foreign movies in China, in line with the country’s current pro-business approach as piracy is slowing China’s progress towards its goal of developing into "a country of innovation and creativity."

Glickman was a guest of honor at the SIFF, and addressed the forum audience of 300 made up largely of senior government officials and key players in China’s domestic film industry. He called on China to "make the most of the collective economic opportunity by nurturing the health and growth of the legitimate marketplace."

Glickman also highlighted the enduring power of movies, the increasingly global nature of filmmaking and the important role IPR protection plays in maintaining the vitality of the industry around the world.

"As more countries pursue their own innovation economies, I believe we will see rising global support for these efforts and for intellectual property rights generally," said Glickman when he talked about developing "soft power" and the need to respect intellectual property rights. "A healthy film industry and vibrant marketplace can bring great economic opportunities to both of our countries, and these opportunities serve as the foundation that keeps this vital artistic and creative medium vibrant … allowing the next stories to be told and shared with audiences around the world," he said.

Earlier in the day Glickman visited Fudan University, one of China’s higher learning institutes, where he had been invited to speak at the "China and the World: Social Sciences Advanced Forum". Following his speech Glickman had an interactive discussion with over 200 students and reporters from leading Chinese media outlets.