Music Mogul launches virtual music world


Mumbai: Music Mogul is an online music world with real rewards and a unique search for new superstars. The website is now launching an interactive experience where social networkers can experience the music lifestyle through a virtual living world.

Music Mogul chief creative officer and music supervisor Rodney Jerkins says, "I’ve been looking for the next big thing to come out of music … and I found it through games. Music Mogul is an extraordinary new music experience, created for anyone who’s ever wanted a chance to be discovered, or anyone who just loves music or games. It offers something for everyone, including artists who are looking for new ways to reach and connect with fans in a way that is both comfortable and personal."

Jerkins is confident in his belief that the Music Mogul world will be a direct line to undiscovered talent. He also announced that a new Music Mogul artist will be chosen every quarter to receive a three song demo deal with his own Darkchild Productions.

Music Mogul CEO Nicholas Longano says, "Music Mogul offers a full music lifestyle and virtual world experience. Through Rodney’s star making abilities and incredible ear for talent, it provides a new generation of performers that have grown up with video games and social networks, a new venue to discover and be discovered."

For performers, this website is the first time ever that aspiring artists are given all the tools they need to audition, promote, and perform live to a global audience through a virtual world with real life rewards. For those who just want to experience the music lifestyle, there is endless opportunity for entertainment, including live karaoke, game arcades, in-world concerts, and more.

Music Mogul, LLC is being developed by iLemon. "Music Mogul’s attention to realism and detail is pushing the boundaries of virtual worlds. Music Mogul will be a showcase of not only the future of virtual worlds, but how users will experience music and connect with each other. It is unique, focused and compelling," says iLemon president and founder Jouni Keranen.

iLemon CEO Calvin Ng says, "We are excited to be developing the Music Mogul world, and believe it is an important step toward bringing virtual worlds to a broader audience, and making connections between the virtual world and the real world through the global appeal of music."