MySpace launches suite of music products


MUMBAI: MySpace has launched a suite of music products the MySpace Artist Dashboard – a free data and analytics tool for artists globally – and the ability for users to purchase music on iTunes.

"Artist Dashboard and Music Videos are an important step forward in our mission to define the future of how content is socialized on the Web," said MySpace CEO Owen Van Natta. "We’ll continue to build publishing tools, social tools and bring more content onto the MySpace platform to help us achieve our goal of being an important content distribution platform."

"People want to experience content with others and the experience we’ve created in MySpace Music will be our spring board for how we socialize content site-wide."

MySpace’s Music Video catalogue includes fully licensed music video content from all of the company’s major and independent label partners.

MySpace Music also introduced the MySpace Artist Dashboard in beta – a free, comprehensive data dashboard for all artists and labels globally which unlocks detailed analytics about their content within the MySpace community. Every global artist with a MySpace profile will have free access to the Artist Dashboard starting today.

"We had the chance to look under the hood of the new artist dashboard prior to launch and we’re very excited about this and other exciting changes at MySpace and MySpace Music. Creative marketing tools like these are valuable to bands at every level – from Pearl Jam-sized to the DIY indie artist looking to grow their followers on the web," said Pearl Jam Ten Club manager Tim Bierman.

Additionally, MySpace Music users can now purchase and download music on iTunes in addition to Amazon MP3, and MP3 ringtones via Jamster.

"Whether you’re a small town garage band, an emerging indie, or a well-established act, our ultimate goal is to provide the right mix of tools and real time data to help you gain a deep understanding of who your fans are and how best to reach them," said Courtney Holt, President of MySpace Music. "We’re committed to providing the most comprehensive ecosystem of services for artists in an effort to deepen their connection with the most important influencers – their fans."