New DVD Distributor Says Thank You to Independent Video Rental Stores

New York: In a deft move to promote its first feature film, Thank You, Good Night on DVD, Roaring Leo Productions is offering an exciting discount to owners of independent home video rental stores.
For a limited time only, video store owners can go online to, a Roaring Leo and CustomFlix web site named
after the featured characters in the film, and purchase the DVD for
only $12.99 using discount code 5TKJYHFL. It will be limited to the first 200 video stores.

The festival darling, Thank You, Good Night was acquired by Roaring Leo Productions earlier this summer and underwent a new edit and sound mix under the supervision of its director. The all-star cast includes Christian Campbell (Trick,Refer Madness), J.P. Pitoc (Trick,Six Feet Under), Jay Leggett (Ally McBeal), Nicole Eggert Baywatch, Blown Away), Golden Globe Winner Sally Kirkland
(Anna), and Mark Hamill
(Star Wars).

Hamill plays the New Jersey father of Lee(Campbell), a drummer for fictitious 1990s grunge band, The Handy Kaufmans. The band from New
Brunswick, N.J. hits the road for the last time in an all out guitar-blazing trek in hopes of getting a record label deal.Loaded with bonus features such as downloadable music and director’s
commentary, the DVD went on sale on last week.

Now, the self-touting “distributor of fine cinema” wants to get the DVD into
the “real” film schools of America–the independent home video store.Chuck Griffith of Roaring Leo Productions announced, “It all started when a friend from Philadelphia called me and said that his local video rental store, TLA Video, didn’t have it in stock.

I can remember being a kid brought up in the video age; my dad used to give me $20
bucks and send me to the corner video store when I was only 11. I was
renting everything…back then it was 99 cents a video. I’d gorge myself on Goonies and Gremlins all day long.”

Griffith, also a film director, notes that filmmakers like Quentin Tarantino and many others have gone on to credit the independent video
rental store as a profound source for inspiration.

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