Oprah Winfrey, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes dine together


MUMBAI: The upcoming Oprah Winfrey Show guest, Tom Cruise dined at Ralph Lauren restaurant in Chicago, recently with wife Katie Holmes and Winfrey herself. The high-profile group sat in a corner booth, while security sat at the table across from them. Cruise, will appear on Oprah shortly with Knight and Day co-star, Cameron Diaz.

As Cruise and Holmes left the River North restaurant, sources over heard Cruise tell the staff, "It was excellent." Winfrey left through the front door — unlike the famous couple, who headed out the back — and signed autographs for fans waiting outside.

It was five years ago, this month that Cruise professed his love for Holmes on Winfrey’s show and infamously jumped on the set’s couch. He appeared on the show again in 2008 and explained it “was a moment, and it was real."

It was earlier reported that the star couple had allegedly not invited the Talk Show host for their wedding, who was said to be close to them. But after spotting them dining together, by the looks of it, there surely seems to be no problem between the famous friends.