Paramount, DreamWorks help develop SearchHelp’s Echometrix technology


Mumbai: SearchHelp has signed an agreement to jointly develop with Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks Studios the Echometrix market intelligence technology. Paramount will provide feedback and entertainment-industry expertise to help customize Echometrix’s unique sentiment and behavioral analysis product, called the Pulse.

This technology analyzes digital content and unfiltered digital internet ‘conversations’ in real-time.

"Current market intelligence can’t access this real time data and therefore provide critical answers long after timely decisions are required. Quarterly brand assessments are out of date by the time they are printed. Market data has to be timely to be relevant. The Pulse will give decision makers the knowledge and insight about their ever changing markets while options and choices are still possible and relevant. The company’s goal is to have the Pulse as a tool on the desktop of every marketing decision maker," said SearchHelp advisory board member and former president of American Broadcasting Companies Frederick S. Pierce.

"The company’s advisory board, comprising industry experts, continues to introduce SearchHelp’s Echometrix sentiment technology to major entertainment, media, market research, advertising and Fortune 500 companies. I believe the Board is putting together an array of companies from each of the targeted industry sectors to properly position and monetize Echometrix to make the Pulse the industry standard tool," added Pierce.