Premiere Radio networks launches The iTunes Download


Mumbai: Premiere Radio Networks, a subsidiary of Clear Channel Communications, has announced the launch of The iTunes Download, a three-hour weekend music countdown show hosted by iTunes director of music programming Alex Luke.

This weekend, the syndicated radio program will debut on Top 40 radio stations nationwide. The show will originate from Los Angeles and will air on Saturdays or Sundays.

Each week’s chart and additional information about the show can be found at In addition to playing a selection of the 30 most downloaded songs in America, Luke will interview high-profile music artists, and feature a "celebrity playlist" compiled by various entertainers, and iMixes, which playlists listeners create in the iTunes Store.

Premiere Radio president Charlie Rahilly stated, "Being the first radio company to do a national show with iTunes demonstrates our desire and ability to explore unprecedented ways to reach, entertain and involve listeners."

"The iTunes charts have become the first indicator, each week, of what millions of music fans are buying," said Luke. "Radio is where more music buyers first hear what they want to buy and iTunes is the place they go to do it — now we’re connecting the two."