Qube Cinema powers Lisbon Village Festival


MUMBAI: Qube Cinema technology is being used for the second consecutive year at the Lisbon Village Festival, an annual movie festival held at Lisbon, Portugal.

Filmmakers from Europe, Canada and South Asia have entered their work in this festival.
The festival gains special importance as every one of these entries is being screened digitally, which calls for a technology partner who provides end-to-end solutions in digital cinema.

Filmmakers from across the world not only bring a variety of themes, they also bring their work in a variety of formats to the festival. All the films to be screened at the festival, from a variety of sources, have to be mastered in record time without compromising on quality. Using Qube’s  mastering system, the Village Festival mastered the content in MXF MPEG-2 and DCI JPEG2000 and the DCPs were sent to multiple locations of the festival to be played back on Qube XP servers at the different venues of the screening, says the company.

Says Lisbon Village Festival CEO Marco Espinheira, “The flexibility and ease of operation features of the Qube XP servers allowed us to have a great show at multiple venues with controlled costs. Qube Cinema has helped the Village Festival to be one of a kind in the world by providing us with content that is in keeping with universally accepted standards of digital cinema which includes MXF MPEG-2 and DCI JPEG2000 formats.”

Qube’s association with the festival goes back to the first time the festival was held last year. This year, over 30 short films and three full length features have been mastered and are being played back on Qube systems in both MPEG-2 and DCI JPEG2000 formats.