Qube is digital cinema partner for 65th Venice International Film Festival


Mumbai: Qube Cinema is pleased to announce its partnership with the 65th Venice International Film Festival as the official digital cinema server and digital cinema mastering equipment supplier. The festival, organized by La Biennale di Venezia, will take place at the Venice Lido from 27 August – 6 September.

As the official digital cinema partner of the prestigious Venice International Film Festival, Qube Cinema will digitally equip five screens at the venue. In collaboration with the projector partner Cinemeccanica, Qube Cinema will provide all the necessary equipment and technical support to ensure successful DCI JPEG2000 digital cinema playback during the festival.

Qube Cinema will also showcase QubeMaster Pro, which is rapidly becoming an industry standard for DCI JPEG2000 Digital Cinema Package creation and is used by some of the leading laboratories and players in the industry including Technicolor, IMAX, Arts Alliance, Deluxe, Arri and numerous others across North America, Europe and Asia. Productions taking part in the festival can contact Qube for a recommended DCP encoding facility.

La Biennale di Venezia Cinema Department managing director Luigi Cuciniello said, "We are very glad to improve Digital Cinema applications, our aim is to put on the screen the intent of the creator of the story and ensure the highest quality".

Qube Cinema Head European business development Nigel Dennis added, "It has been a busy year for Qube Cinema within Europe with sales in ever increasing countries. We are now seen as serious competition and with the right product, people and price to give clients what they are looking for when venturing into Digital Cinema. We are very proud to have been selected to service the Venice Film Festival."