Redbox expands DVD rental kiosks’ availability to US naval bases


MUMBAI: Redbox Automated Retail, LLC and the Navy Exchange Service Command (NexCom) will expand the availability of redbox DVD rental kiosks at Navy Exchanges located on US Naval installations.

Redbox is the exclusive supplier of DVD rental kiosks to NexCom and currently more than 66 redbox kiosks can be found on 47 of the 56 Naval installations in the continental US The company expects to install approximately 20 additional kiosks at NEXCOM bases throughout 2010, including Pearl Harbor this summer.

"We are proud to work with NexCom to provide servicemen and women and their families with convenient access to affordable, new release DVD rentals at Naval bases across the US. Redbox kiosks can be found in more than 21,000 convenient locations nationwide and we are pleased to include US Naval bases among our growing number of locations," said Redbox president Mitch Lowe.

"As vending machine technology and secured communications became available, the Navy Exchange Service Command wanted to utilize these advances to increase DVD rental availability to our active duty personnel and their families. Outside machine placement, secure credit card acceptance and vendor service were key points in moving forward. Today, we are providing approximately 18,000 DVDs per week. The program benefits include convenient access to machines, reserving DVDs online and DVD returns to any redbox machine nationwide. We are excited about the success and especially the value to our customers with a ‘$1 per day rental.’ This is truly a great service and benefit to our Navy family," added NexCom senior vice president operations Richard Dow.

Redbox DVD rental kiosks are available nationwide at select McDonald’s restaurants, leading grocery and convenience stores, Walmart and Walgreens stores and other locations. In addition to Naval bases in the US, redbox kiosks are now available at select airports, libraries and within national landmarks like the Willis Tower in Chicago, the Pentagon and the Empire State Building in New York City.