Release date set for Bruce Campbell DVD

Littleton, CO: Bifrost Distribution has set a street date of October 17, 2006 for the DVD release of Bruce Campbell’s second movie, Going Back. This rarest of all Bruce Campbell’s feature films, was previously released by Vestron on VHS tape, but sank into oblivion when that company went bankrupt.

Going Back is a drama about two young men who have an unforgettable experience one summer before college and attempt to recapture it 4 years later. In Going Back, Bruce Campbell (Spiderman, The Evil Dead, Bubba Hotep, Brisco County Jr., Jack of All Trades) stars as Brice Chapman, a clean cut Michigan boy. Christopher Howe, (Timequest, Rookie of the Year), plays Cleveland “Clee” Neal, a young man whose father died when he was young.

Brice and Clee have grown up as best friends sharing scout meetings and baseball games and Clee felt that Brice shared his father with him, but always there was this void. During that summer of 1964 Brice and Clee spend a few weeks visiting a lonely farmer in rural Michigan named Jack played by Perry Mallette (Crimewave, Stryker’s War), who Clee begins to see as a father figure while Brice falls in love with a local girl.

The DVD version of Going Back contains a full-length commentary track with Bruce Campbell, writer/director Ron Teachworth and cinematographer John Prusak (Roger & Me), an interview with Ron Teachworth in which he talks not only about the making of the movie but the challenges of independent filmmaking, and behind-the-scenes images of the cast and crew at work. Chock full of classic Bruce Campbell wit, the commentary track of Going Back discusses the all important question of whether Bruce Campbell wears boxers or briefs.

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