Scott Price’s film on demonic possession


MUMBAI: Author Lia Scott Price is currently in post-production on a film about demonic possession, entitled Lia Scott Price’s Nightmares. The fictional documentary-type film will be released by DarkAngel Distributors this year and it will feature music by William Verkler.

Price’s film will focus on what can be considered the ‘Four Types of Demonic Possession’, in which a negative or demonic entity can possess people if they enter a haunted place, acquire a used object that may be possessed, encounter a negative person, or inadvertently invoke a demonic or negative entity.
In her current online video blog, Price says she was inspired by the belief that “there are negative entities that invade us through these four types of possession and cause us to have very negative, even violent, characteristics which can be mistaken as a ‘bad mood’ or personality, when in fact we could have within us a multitude of negative or demonic entities that cause havoc in our lives.”
“Even praying to supposed guardian angels can be open to possession by an entity because you don’t know who or what they are.” Price says. “Entities could disguise themselves as anything.”
Price is the creator of Serial Killer and Vampire Guardian Angels and has produced previous films entitled Dominion and Lia Scott Price’s The Guardian. Her novels and films are based on her characters as well as supernatural serial killers. Price has also produced a dark comedy film Normal, California.