Screen Actors Guild members ratify cable live action contract


MUMBAI: Screen Actors Guild’s members have approved a two-year successor contract to its Basic Cable Live Action agreement by a vote of 93.71 per cent per cent to 6.29 per cent per cent. The agreement is effective retroactive to 10 June, 2009 and will expire concurrently with the Guild’s Theatrical Motion Picture and Television agreements on 30 June, 2011.

With this vote, representing a 25.83 per cent per cent return, the Guild has now ratified its sixth contract this year. Integrity Voting Systems of Everett, WA, provided election services and tonight certified the final vote tally upon completion of the tabulation.

The terms of the agreement include a three per cent wage increase retroactive to 10 June, 2009, a 0.5 per cent increase in pension contributions also retroactive to 10 June, 2009 and a 3.5 per cent wage increase on 10 June, 2010.

Screen Actors Guild president Alan Rosenberg said, "The members have spoken and I am pleased that they had an opportunity to have their voices heard."

"We are pleased to have this negotiation concluded so that our members can enjoy the enhanced benefits guaranteed under the new agreement. Cable is a burgeoning marketplace for our members and will continue to be an area of focused attention for SAG," said Screen Actors Guild interim national executive director David White.

SAG chief negotiator and senior advisor John McGuire said the new agreement "delivers growth in wages while providing the additional peace of mind of improved pension and health contributions, which is important to the wellbeing of both our individual members and the Guild as a whole."

At its 25 July  meeting, the Screen Actors Guild National Board of Directors voted 95 per cent to 5 per cent to recommend that the membership approve the proposed successor to the Basic Cable Live Action agreement. Ballots were mailed 5 August  with a return date of 26 August . Tabulation was performed by election services company Integrity Voting Systems of Everrett, WA.

This agreement does not cover animated programs. The Basic Cable Animation and Television Animation contracts were ratified 18 August without the need for a referendum. The Motion Picture and Televisions contracts and the Commercials contract were ratified by members in June and May, respectively.