SKYBARK: VIPOOCH Party Caters to Hollywood’s Elite

With Silent Auction Proceeds being Donated to the Much Love Animal Rescue

Watch out L.A., on May 20Th the top dogs are going to bring down the woof…

SKYBARK’s roof that is. In a beautiful setting overlooking the downtown Los Angeles skyline, SkyBark is a new downtown club offering a place for both humans and canines to live it up late night. For the first time owners can bring their best four legged friends out in a social environment where cocktails and food are offered with a lively atmosphere . The inaugural event was March 25 and was a howling success, dog and owner were able to mix it up socially with both old and new friends, all of which sharing the common love of animals.

SKYBARK is also a charitable event, switching the charity with each event. The last event raised over $4,000 for New Leash on Life, and this event will benefit the Much Love Animal Rescue. SKY BARK features live music, photographs and paintings from local artists, DJ’s spinning records, two dance floors, two bars and catered food for the owners. There will be catering for the dogs provided by Dick Van Pattens Natural Balance.

A play area containing 2500 square feet of grass will be available for the dogs to enjoy, and PETaPOTTY’s will be set up throughout the venue for the animal’s bathroom needs. A doggy dress code will be strictly enforced, and all dogs not meeting our standards will be given a complimentary makeover provided by Town and Country mobile pet services.

A silent auction will be taking place with the proceeds being donated to the Much Love Animal Rescue, the auction will consist of products from our sponsors some of which include PETAPOTTY, Top Dog, Town and Country mobile pet services, Doggie Springs, Sherpa, Fido Friendly, Bark Ave, American Boarding Kennel Association, Dogswell Treats, Train Your Dog In No Time , Scoopy Doo, Smell ‘u’ Later, SKYBARK Dogwa, Heelside Snowboards. Various forms of artwork will be displayed in the PETaPOTTY showroom, including photographs from Chris Ameruoso a renowned pet photographer from Hollywood who has worked with Pamela Anderson, John Travolta, Kate Hudson, and Ben Stiller, among others. His touching black and white photographs have appeared in The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, People, and In Style. He also photographed the official Osbourne pet book, Bark at the Moon, Pets and Their Celebrities.

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