Sony Pictures Entertainment opens Colorworks DI facility


MUMBAI: Sony Pictures Entertainment has opened a full-service digital intermediate (DI) facility located on its historic lot in Culver City, it was announced today by Sony Pictures Technologies president Chris Cookson.

"Sony Pictures is uniquely positioned at the intersection of entertainment and technology," said Cookson. "Colorworks represents an important blending of the highest level of talent and the most powerful tools in our industry."

The 14,000 square foot center, housed in the studio’s Stage 6, features state-of-the-art technology offering real-time, 4K processing in a full digital workflow for top filmmakers from across the industry. World renowned colorists John Persichetti,Steve Bowen and Trent Johnson, whose credits include a combined total of hundreds of pictures from across the major studios, have joined the Colorworks team.

"Digital intermediate and mastering are a lesser known, but critical piece of the film-making puzzle," said Production Administration president and Sony Pictures Studio Operations Gary Martin. "We are thrilled to have our own center here on the lot, but more than that, the facility and the personnel are truly top-of-the-line."

Colorworks adds to an array of Sony Pictures Studios industry-leading post production services and facilities available to the industry including sound editorial, stock footage, visual effects and more. The new DI facility will serve Sony Pictures’ and other clients’ projects beginning immediately. Initial projects completed at the facility include the studio’s own Michael Jackson’s This is It, Zombieland and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs in 3D.

Colorworks is designed around the industry’s leading technologies. The new facility can scan and manage film in high-resolution 4K to ensure the highest quality archival and distribution product for both new and restored motion picture projects. To manage the extraordinary size of digitized motion pictures, the DI center houses nearly 3.5 petabytes of computer storage. In fact, the Colorwork’s digital file-based workflow leads the studio’s development of a digital production and distribution infrastructure called the Digital Backbone.